MAKEXP Management of tourism proposals in the territory

MakeXP was created in 2019 as a research and development project and is now delivered as a SaaS solution, allowing for constant updating and implementation of new solutions.

It is an advanced Tourist Proposal Aggregator that, by means of Learning Machine algorithms, is able to collect information extensively on the territory (also with scraping tools, integrated CMS, API-REST data flows, Data Mining on Open Databases, AI, etc.), normalise, archive and aggregate them by location, theme, periods and/or interests, as well as to disseminate them on various portals and data streams according to the ‘I write once, I publish everywhere’ philosophy.

A thank you to the entire Emilia-Romagna Region who, with their use, experience, advice and, above all, patience, have contributed to making this product intuitive and practical within everyone's reach.

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